Welcome to DCF!

Some of God’s ideas are the simplest, and DCF is as simple as the best! Get a guy in Uganda and a guy in Michigan together, let them conceive of a ministry built on unemployment, Christian passion, and a Covid-19 lock down, and finding donors to connect with ideas that will outlive the donation and provide capital for the ministry. It simply works! Once up and running, the “business of ministry” pays its own way. Spray a little financial gas on it, and run! That’s what I had to do when I met Emmanuel Tumisiime, our director.

I am the latest addition to the group. My primary job seems to be sitting in Arizona with my mouth hanging open, praise erupting in gasps and giggles as I watch all that Emmanuel does, and how God blesses his efforts. I praise and thank God for each new day with DCF Uganda, and mostly for the gift of watching.

There is desperation and starvation all around Emmanuel, who lives in Masaka with his wife, Oliver, and their 2 young sons. Emmanuel also has an ancestral home outside of Ibanda City in Ibanda District, in the far West of Uganda. Mr. and Mrs. Tumusiime open their lives to minister. If they have it, they use it. So the property is used for the buildings and rabbitry. If they use it, God richly blesses it.

DCF Uganda can not be fully understood or duplicated. It is a “one off” ministry surrounded in and led by the Holy Spirit. You need that understanding to grasp (or rationalize) how it works.

How It Works

  • Of course, we discuss everything openly, frequently, and prayerfully.
  • We make all decisions in unity, love, wisdom, compassion, and integrity.
  • We pray in earnest for Emmanuel and the ministry, and for “this opportunity.”
  • Emmanuel produces the necessary sacrifice of his labor for God’s blessing.
  • Blessings flow.