What To Compost

If we examined the minerals in compost, we would see more healthy things in the compost than in the soil around it.  How can that be? Plants and trees already found them!

Sewing Shop

As Mr. Tumusiime, Emmanuel, our director, works on the video for the sewing shop, he wanted to share this photo of Mrs. Tumusiime, Oliver, sitting at the new machine.  It was received with great joy, of course!  In discussion about Mrs. Tumusiime and the teaching position, several cultural and moral lessons came to mind. Familiarity … Continue reading "Sewing Shop"

DCF Carpentry Workshop

Meet Emmanuel and see the DCF Woodworking Shop in action, as it exists in May of 2021! To say we were amazed when Emmanuel sent this first video of the shop would be a complete understatement!  Seeing the shop in action marks a living testament to God’s power through DCF in Uganda.  All of these … Continue reading "DCF Carpentry Workshop"

Thank You for Prayers

As a church, we still have a lot of work that God is sending us to accomplish. Our approach at DCF involves training for self sustenance.


Emmanuel asked the children what they might buy with that money if they saved for something bigger?  The children replied that they would buy rabbits.  The cost of a rabbit is 10,000 shillings, fifty trips carrying water cans back and forth for each rabbit. 

New (Sewing Machine) in Christ Jesus

Now, I am so pleased to say that the ladies of DCF Uganda have a sewing machine!  It is a thing of service and beauty, a joy, a wonder!  Emmanuel wrote to tell us that he would disassemble it to get it home on a boda boda, or motorcycle taxi.  Today, it is in the hands of his wife.  She is ready to make some old things new, and teach other women to sew for a living. 

What? A New Workshop?

There is plenty of energy and ambition in Uganda.  These men are not exhausting the supply.  They are multiplying it!  It is glorious!  We sincerely believe the Word of God directs them, and we are excited to discover what will happen next!

Sample Post

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