The Farm

We have chosen to work toward a farm, for numerous reasons.  A farm means enough milk for all the kids in town, meat for the elderly, honey and vegetables, grains and fruits for balanced health and nutrition.  It also means, however, room — room to locate businesses, build a school and chapel, land on which to house people, and areas to make the new wood shop for real production, a wood lot for trees, and areas for ponds and wells!

We will have all of the opportunities afforded to land owners.  In the villages and outlying areas, a man’s home is his own castle again.  DCF Uganda is an opportunity for everyone — really.  Our organization is given life by the people of Uganda.  All forms of manufacturing and production can be set up, as long as we have land.  That’s the goal: land.

The only bottleneck is cash, of course.  The only thing holding back the explosion is the fuse.  That’s the money to buy the land and the resources to build a few buildings, pay some workers while they get their wheels spinning, and watch it grow.

People can live on this land, too.  Shelters, and even finished homes can be built by and for community members who work the farm, run the businesses, teach in the school, and those left homeless.  Everybody gets to work for a living.  Everybody gets to earn a living.  And those who work will eat well.

The simplest explanation for this success is that once we provide a few basic tools and the space to use them, the Ugandan people have all they need: family, religion, a stable community and culture, fellowship, willingness, excitement, and a significant desire to work!  Emmanuel clearly has leadership and business skills.

DCF Uganda operates on the wisdom of, “God provides.”  The goal is already there: a farm.  Now we rest over our decision and see what happens.  Who will God call? Whom shall He choose?  Will another individual come through, or will it be several poor and rusty givers.  Folks like us, retired, fixed income, but filthy rich compared to the entire village and much of the city neighborhood we help.  Remember that we are not a tax deductible charity, or even a registered charity in the USA.  We simply accept whatever folks offer, and send it directly on to the bank account in Uganda for DCF use.  We have two numbers on paper.  They represent high-low range for two special times of prayer.  The most significant thing is, once we have this range met according to God’s will, we may never have another funding request because DCF Uganda may truly support itself and its community.

And that is precisely what God gave us to do.  I truly believe that our only role after achieving a farm will be the glorious jobs of daily prayer, advising the teams in Uganda on ways to best use the land and resources, and how to allocate funds as the wheels of business continue growing more resources for ministry.  The truest success is when we Westerners can work to specifically achieve something sustainable with and through the people of Uganda. . . More than any ministry I have ever known or worked with, DCF Uganda is reaching that time of blessing.  We hit this one amount and move on.  This, we believe, is the donation of a lifetime, and our hope is a 25 acre parcel in the village.

Personally, I feel like I can see the place, how much it will cost, what our operating budget will be to start the first two years . . . so it’s already done.  As the prayers of the saints rise as incense before the throne of God, I know that some of them will be prayers for the work of DCF Uganda, forever done in the magnificent power of the Holy Lord of Israel, the Lion of Judah.


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