Here at DCF, we unanimously agree to serve one another in order to keep our faith strong and to guide us.  We share our struggles so that Jesus Christ will reign in our broken hearts.  It is only this that keeps us out of the political fray, outside the horrors and hatred of this current age.

Water Storage

Water collection, storage, and purification might easily take first place in improving overall living conditions.  Clean water not only quenches the thirst, but also raises the food.  Even in Uganda, where 40 – 60 inches of rainfall soak the land each year, there are dry seasons that can empty the natural wells and leave the … Continue reading "Water Storage"

An Idea About Donations

Some people have asked, “How much money do I have to give to really help?” The short answer is, “None, but we covet prayer in large denominations.” Full disclosure:  we have no way for you to donate.  At this point, prayer is so much more important that we have no mechanism, authority, or status for … Continue reading "An Idea About Donations"

What? A New Workshop?

There is plenty of energy and ambition in Uganda.  These men are not exhausting the supply.  They are multiplying it!  It is glorious!  We sincerely believe the Word of God directs them, and we are excited to discover what will happen next!

Sample Post

This is a sample to figure out formatting and presentation. Nothing more.   Logically, I put it in Why Is That?