The Farm

We have chosen to work toward a farm, for numerous reasons.  A farm means enough milk for all the kids in town, meat for the elderly, honey and vegetables, grains and fruits for balanced health and nutrition.  It also means, however, room — room to locate businesses, build a school and chapel, land on which … Continue reading "The Farm"

What To Compost

If we examined the minerals in compost, we would see more healthy things in the compost than in the soil around it.  How can that be? Plants and trees already found them!

Compost and Crop Soil Enhancement

Goals: to preserve and improve soils; increase crop yield; stabilize soils against erosion, flooding and drought; understand benefits and differences between compost and fertilizer; identify productive amendments available to farmers and gardeners. Means: Compost and natural fertilizer; application methods, crop rotation, and schedules; preservation techniques for soil; identifying specific needs and requirements; continuing development of … Continue reading "Compost and Crop Soil Enhancement"

Who Speaks for God?

You may call this a trick question.  After all, nobody speaks for God.  God speaks for Himself!  That remains true always.  God finished creation by Himself. Yet in our lives, we are called to speak.  We are called to do.  We are called to bind things together and split things apart, work in due season, … Continue reading "Who Speaks for God?"

Sewing Shop

As Mr. Tumusiime, Emmanuel, our director, works on the video for the sewing shop, he wanted to share this photo of Mrs. Tumusiime, Oliver, sitting at the new machine.  It was received with great joy, of course!  In discussion about Mrs. Tumusiime and the teaching position, several cultural and moral lessons came to mind. Familiarity … Continue reading "Sewing Shop"

Ready for Prayer

The vision is now clear and our ministries very actively underway at DCF Uganda.  The wood shop hums with daily activities.  The sewing shop has begun with tremendous enthusiasm and every expectation of the same success.  The children’s rabbits are an enormous hit, and will grow into educational opportunities.  More rabbits and more hutches are … Continue reading "Ready for Prayer"

Thank You for Prayers

As a church, we still have a lot of work that God is sending us to accomplish. Our approach at DCF involves training for self sustenance.

New (Sewing Machine) in Christ Jesus

Now, I am so pleased to say that the ladies of DCF Uganda have a sewing machine!  It is a thing of service and beauty, a joy, a wonder!  Emmanuel wrote to tell us that he would disassemble it to get it home on a boda boda, or motorcycle taxi.  Today, it is in the hands of his wife.  She is ready to make some old things new, and teach other women to sew for a living. 

Thinking of You

You have trials, struggles, difficulties, and illness.  We all do.  May our God and Father come close to you while you are down. In 1624, John Donne wrote Meditation 17, “No man is an island. . . Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”  Involving ourselves with the world … Continue reading "Thinking of You"

Good Friday

The stone that the builders rejected     has become the cornerstone. This is the Lord‘s doing;     it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day that the Lord has made;     let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 22-24 We often quote this verse about today — every day — being the day … Continue reading "Good Friday"