Ready for Prayer

The vision is now clear and our ministries very actively underway at DCF Uganda.  The wood shop hums with daily activities.  The sewing shop has begun with tremendous enthusiasm and every expectation of the same success.  The children’s rabbits are an enormous hit, and will grow into educational opportunities.  More rabbits and more hutches are stacking up.  Rainwater collection, composting, and gardening projects are being installed.  People are fed and blessed with life’s basic necessities. We now see clearly that the vision works extremely well, and it needs to grow.

Needs to grow.

These origins came from abundant prayers and barely enough money to provide some very basic tools and materials.  Please keep praying!  Prayer fulfills our primary goal.  We ask especially for prayers for God’s perfect provision, for God’s government of all His people, for the delightful people of Uganda, for the leadership of DCF, and for good stewardship of all God’s abundant resources in our care.  If you can pray, pray for us!  In fact, we ask you to stop reading now and keep praying!  What follows is a simple list of basic financial goals, but those can wait.  Your money is not important compared to your prayers to Almighty God.  It may well be that just a few of us will continue donating a pittance only to see it all turn into a powerful, Christ centered community encompassing all of Africa.  That is the power of prayer.  To understand, pray!  If you need knowledge or wisdom, pray!

Emmanuel impresses us over and over and over again as a willing and productive servant of God, our Father.  In Christ Jesus, Emmanuel has a team.  With just one sewing machine, and one set of tools, one office, one wood shop . . .

Pray for more tools, more sewing machines and supplies.  God can provide.  Currently, the shop cannot handle all of the work because they lack drills and a lathe.  Some materials are sent by boda boda (motorcycle taxi) to Kampala for machining.  It is work they could do and will do, as soon as they can afford a lathe!  The Kampala shop sends it back by boda boda when finished.

As the sewing shop gets underway, we are eager to watch the women learn!  Sewing is another great gift to our Ugandan friends.  Emmanuel reports that there are “many ladies” with a great interest!  We know that photos and video will soon follow!

As always, it is a tremendous joy to watch what is happening in Uganda.  In a few days, we’ll tell you more about the areas most directly served by DCF, and hopefully, soon after, we’ll begin to introduce some of the many persons now actively involved in their Ugandan communities.

Until then, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement.

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