Baptism in the Old Testament

So complete is this tevilah that the Spirit of God dwells in us.  We are able to be in His presence anywhere, everywhere, and any time.  We can pray to Him directly without the intervention of a priest or the need to go through ritual purification before doing so. 

Who Speaks for God?

You may call this a trick question.  After all, nobody speaks for God.  God speaks for Himself!  That remains true always.  God finished creation by Himself. Yet in our lives, we are called to speak.  We are called to do.  We are called to bind things together and split things apart, work in due season, … Continue reading "Who Speaks for God?"

Poverty and Christ Jesus

I have lived a life of humiliating poverty. Carefully choosing my words; we have lived a life of typical poverty. Around me, is/was a community lacking the basics of life! If we were born so, and grew so, how about our children? One of the reasons why I joined CLI (Christian Leaders Institute, an accredited … Continue reading "Poverty and Christ Jesus"

Easter Meditation, from Dave

Jesus had to renew mankind by becoming the new Mankind.  He had to start the human race from scratch, to become the first fruit of the New Creation. 

Sample Post

This is a sample to figure out formatting and presentation. Nothing more.   Logically, I put it in Why Is That?