Poverty and Christ Jesus

I have lived a life of humiliating poverty. Carefully choosing my words; we have lived a life of typical poverty. Around me, is/was a community lacking the basics of life! If we were born so, and grew so, how about our children?

One of the reasons why I joined CLI (Christian Leaders Institute, an accredited online teaching Bible College) was to look for answers to a series of un- answered questions in my mind. For the many years as a Christian, I seemed to be doubtful of God’s purpose for man! God, to my narrow mind, seemed silent to the continued suffering of His people.

I needed to find a solution to my personal challenges. I needed to find a solution to the challenges of our people, of our people in the communities where we live. People who seek solace from other “gods” thinking that they would have their problems solved.

Little did I know that my journey to CLI was a  Godly move that would link us up to connections through which God Himself would provide answers to the very many questions of our people . . . God acts in strange ways!!!

One of the many questions I used to ask myself was: “How could I elevate myself and the people around me to a level of being able to provide for basic necessities of life?”  How could I tell people to love God and do good to others in a situation where God seemed to have neglected them?   I have seen our children going hungry, naked, drop from school, lacking medical care!

What was God’s “mind” about such situations to us,His “sons and daughters?”

My search for an answer was based on this.

Little did I know that I had a narrow view of a problem whose solution needed a broad answer. In His mighty power,God linked us with people who would mentor me up to the realization of His Will to me and to us!

Yes, clothes, food, medicine, all would be good to our suffering people but these would simply soothe a wound but not heal it! The spirit of the Lord led us to plan for a long term investment that would build self sustenance. DCF workshop was born on these grounds. The idea being; do some work, God will bless the work of your hands. You,too, will bless others and also give a tithe from your earnings to build God’s Kingdom.

I can evidently testify that this is a mustard seed that is growing. I have now begun seeing the restoration of the “lost hope.”  In one of our discussions I pointed out a few things that need to be put right in the workshop here. These are things that would help drive to the intended targets of DCF workshop.

Amidst all these, there is an issue of our sisters who can not be part of the carpentry workshop. We prayed for the way forward. How about tailoring or shoe making? Tailoring seemed better to start with. The last idea on this goal was the costs of sewing machines. All these, we visibly don’t see how to get to them. But we go down on our knees and pray believing that the one who began this work will accomplish it.

Despite all these plans before the Lord, we still have the aged, and the young — those that the Lord says Let Them Come To Me. These cannot be part of either program. Still, for these, we can provide basics of life according to how God has provided.

This is the Vision that we are carrying high on our flyers.  Creating a Community that is self sustaining amidst our Matthew 25:35-36 origins and purpose:

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

If God’s people in this part of the world are trained a vocation, for those who are able, and helped to start off, they can carry on to self sustainance and too,in turn,help those in need.

For all this to happen, Christ Jesus should be in our amidst.

Dear brothers in Christ Jesus, this is my story to the journey of realization of our Vision as God has given us.

Our sincere prayer to the Creator of the Universe is commit ourselves to use the resources and ability He has entrusted us with, to the realization of His work under DCF Uganda.

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