Welcome to DCF!

Some of God’s ideas are the simplest, and DCF is as simple as the best! Get a guy in Uganda and a guy in Michigan together, let them conceive of a ministry built on unemployment, Christian passion, and a Covid-19 lock down, and finding donors to connect with ideas that will outlive the donation and … Continue reading "Welcome to DCF!"

Baptism in the Old Testament

So complete is this tevilah that the Spirit of God dwells in us.  We are able to be in His presence anywhere, everywhere, and any time.  We can pray to Him directly without the intervention of a priest or the need to go through ritual purification before doing so. 

DCF Carpentry Workshop

Meet Emmanuel and see the DCF Woodworking Shop in action, as it exists in May of 2021! To say we were amazed when Emmanuel sent this first video of the shop would be a complete understatement!  Seeing the shop in action marks a living testament to God’s power through DCF in Uganda.  All of these … Continue reading "DCF Carpentry Workshop"


Emmanuel asked the children what they might buy with that money if they saved for something bigger?  The children replied that they would buy rabbits.  The cost of a rabbit is 10,000 shillings, fifty trips carrying water cans back and forth for each rabbit.