An Idea About Donations

Some people have asked, “How much money do I have to give to really help?”
The short answer is, “None, but we covet prayer in large denominations.”

DCF Uganda uses every nickel we can send to keep the wolves from the door and train Ugandan citizens in a skill in order to earn an income.

Full disclosure:  we have no proper way for you to donate.  At this point, prayer is so much more important that we have no mechanism, authority, or status for receiving donations.  Unless you know Pete Celano or Dave Delany personally and want to give one of us some cash, you are currently out of luck.  Please pray!  In the amounts we need, IRS tax deduction means very little.  If you trust us and want to help financially, please write to one of us so we can discuss it.  If you have experience in raising money for foreign missions work, it would be a real blessing to hear from you.

An idea of where our money currently goes, and what we would like to provide consistently, is pretty simple:

Salaries and wages for Uganda:  $4/day
Carpenter tool kit, basic:                $27/ea
Carpenter tools, advanced:           $35/ea
Building materials, general:          $65/lot
Wheelchair:                                        $200/ea
3 months of EVERYTHING:         $775

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