Clear Vision

Our vision is three, and yours makes four.  God has given Emmanuel His vision as Director.  He provides Pete with His vision as Chaplain. He gives Dave His vision as Advisor.  We each look at this life and eternal life from different windows so we see different things. Those three visions are different than yours.  We never struggle with goals and objectives.

There is no difference in our goals and objectives:  God’s Will, God’s Meaning, God’s Purpose, God’s Direction, God’s Commands.  That part remains as unified as life itself.

How to achieve those things varies between us, especially because of our three-fold view of the world from our three windows.  Emmanuel, in Uganda, watches his neighbors go hungry.  He desperately wants to feed and clothe them directly.  Emmanuel’s great desire is to provide all his people with daily seed.  Pete shares this vision, but also sees the impossibility of ever giving enough. Without the seed that germinates and grows in the field for the harvest, there is never enough.  Dave has the vision of the harvest, meaning hunger always continues unless and until the direct intercession that our Lord of Hosts supplies.  His army eats from field after field of abundant grain.

Emmanuel, Pete, and Dave are absolutely correct.  We feed, we plant, and we harvest here, as it is in heaven.  We must eat, yet our daily bread is to seek and to do God’s will.  We must sow, yet our seed is from our hearts and the Bible.  A morsel of grain and the Living Bread, a cool drink along with the distribution the Living Water, and used clothing with righteousness robes of Christ Jesus.  It is easy to see the truth in Jesus’s parables.  There is not enough food while the fields are ripe for the harvest!

Such conundrums baffle us as human beings born into this world alone.  Without the second birth into new life in the spirit, we always struggle with “not enough.”  We continue to sow a scarce reserve, desperate that it might grow.  There is not enough food, yet the fields themselves are ripe for the harvest!

The entire Bible tells us of our foolishness.  We sow, but do not reap.  We reap, yet do not eat.  We eat, but are never satisfied.  We build bigger barns, and store up the grain where moth and dust prevail.  We fail because we continue to live as if this world makes the rules.  This world makes its own rules, and they provide us with hunger, insufficiency, dictators and kings to eat our substance, empty pantries, broken dreams and promises, and every other failure we can imagine.  We ignore God.

We ignore God because we honor this world.  This world is an idol.  We go hungry while fat, suffer from poverty in riches, and live alone in our crowds.  We have nothing compared to God’s provision.  We fail to pray because we’re too busy trying to survive, and when we pray, we pray for more of this world.   We are greedy!  We want more than we can possibly sow because we never sow enough.  We never sow enough because we ignore God, who cannot be outdone.  He cannot be tempted by our feeble cries because He does not listen to the whims of this world.  This world is built on the Evil One and his evil schemes.  Our schemes, learned from the Master of Rebellion.

If you have time for a single book of the Bible this week or this month, read Jeremiah.  Find out why we all seem  to fail, how to repent, and how to live.  You will also discover exciting and obvious prophesies of what Christ Jesus would do . . . while we remain faithful.

Pray for us, add to our Clear Vision, write to us.  We cannot pray for each and every brother and sister in Christ by name, but we pray for you all.

“Has a nation changed its gods,
      even though they are no gods?
But my people have changed their glory
      for that which does not profit.
Be appalled, O heavens, at this;
      be shocked, be utterly desolate,
                                declares the Lord,
      for my people have committed two evils:
      they have forsaken me,
      the fountain of living waters,
      and hewed out cisterns for themselves,
      broken cisterns that can hold no water.
Have you not brought this upon yourself
by forsaking the Lord your God,when
he led you in the way?”    

                Jeremiah 2:11-13,17

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